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Your Gateway in the South

"where everyone deserves a good time"

Nestled in the Southernmost part of Cebu, South Seas Resort enjoys a privileged location that serves as a gateway to an exquisite array of awe-inspiring beaches, captivating dive sites, nearby islands, enchanting waterfalls, and renowned trekking and mountaineering spots found across the Philippines.

Providing a serene and soothing ambiance, the resort stands as an idyllic destination for travelers in search of a peaceful retreat. Scuba diving enthusiasts will find South Seas Resort particularly appealing, as it grants them exclusive access to thrilling dive sites that add an extra layer of excitement to their underwater explorations. The resort's well-earned reputation as a top-rated dive resort and dive center in Santander and Oslob is a testament to the exceptional quality of service and facilities it offers.

Guests of the resort will also enjoy convenient access to nearby attractions such as the magnificent Sumilon Island Sandbar, where pristine beaches and breathtaking views await their delight. Moreover, the resort provides exciting opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling encounters with awe-inspiring whalesharks. For those with a penchant for discovering hidden natural wonders, Tumalog Waterfalls, Kawasan Waterfalls, and other enchanting cascades in the vicinity promise unforgettable experiences.

In summary, South Seas Resort presents an unforgettable and distinctive experience for travelers, boasting luxurious chalets, stunning surroundings, and close proximity to a wide range of attractions and activities. Furthermore, it grants easy access to boat rides that can transport guests to Dumaguete, the gateway to Apo Island, a premier diving destination, as well as to the enchanting islands of Bohol and Siquijor.

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